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The Tax Court provides two tools to assist the public in locating orders of interest: Today’s Designated Orders and Orders Search. Users of both of these tools are reminded that Tax Court Orders shall not be treated as precedent. Rule 50(f).

Orders appearing on Today’s Designated Orders are designated by the individual Judges, Senior Judges, and Special Trial Judges who issued the orders. Designated orders may exclude routine, nonsubstantive orders such as scheduling orders or rulings on motions for extension of time. Designated orders are not a complete inventory of all orders of the Court nor are these versions official documents of record. Designation practices of Judges vary; some select more of their orders for posting here than others.

In contrast, the Orders Search function contains all orders issued after June 17, 2011 by all Judges, Senior Judges, and Special Trial Judges of the Court, except it does not include computer-generated mailings of form orders, such as standing pretrial orders, standing pretrial notices, orders for amended petition & filing fee, orders for filing fee or waiver, and orders for ownership disclosure statement.

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Today's Designated Orders

Designated Orders, if any, are posted Monday through Friday after 3:30 pm.