Docket Inquiry Help

The Docket Inquiry system provides easy access to Docket records by allowing you to search using a Docket Number, Individual Party Name, or Corporate Name Keyword.

To search by Docket Number:

1. Select the Docket Number link
2. Type the docket number, for instance, 12345-88.
3. Click the Search button or press Enter on the keyboard. To clear the Docket # field, click Reset.

Docket Inquiry - Index:

After performing a Docket Number search, the Docket Inquiry - Index page will display. Any text displayed in blue within the index page is a link and indicates that information is continued. Clicking on the link will display the rest of the information.

To search by Individual Party Name:

1. Select the Individual Party Name link
2. Type the last name in the Last Name field. The First Name, Middle Initial (MI), and State fields are optional, but entering information in those fields will narrow your search.
3. Select Search or press Enter on the keyboard.

Individual Party Name Results:

Search results will display in the Individual Party Name Results screen. The first search will return exact matches. To see more results, click the Search Further button to return all cases with similar names. If no exact match is found, the closest similar names will be displayed. Click one of the docket numbers displayed in blue to access the index screen.

Results are displayed in groups of ten. The total number of results returned will display below the Last Name field, and the group numbers will display in blue parentheses at the bottom of the results screen. Red indicates the current group being displayed.

NOTE: To get more results, search by last name only.

To search by Corporate Name Keyword:

1. Click the Corporate Name Keyword link
2. Click in the Keyword 1 field and enter a keyword
3. Click Search or press Enter on the keyboard.

To narrow the search results, enter an optional keyword in Keyword 2. For example, if you want to search for all corporation names that include the words, first and group, you would type "first" in Keyword 1 and then type "group" in Keyword 2.

NOTE: No more than ten characters can be entered in either keyword field.