Frequently Asked Questions About DAWSON


How will I know if I'm on the right page to log in?

  • The new login page looks like this:


Will my old bookmark to the DAWSON login page still work?

  • No. As of Sunday, March 17, you will need to update any existing bookmark to Feel free to bookmark that link ahead of time, however please note that it will be nonfunctional until 3/17.

Do I need to change or reset my password?

  • No. Your current username and password for your DAWSON account remains the same. You will, however, need to manually enter both your username and password when using the new login page for the first time.

Help! My current DAWSON password is autofilled by my browser, and I haven't had to type it in for years! Where can I find it?

Can I save my username/password in the new login page?

  • Yes, if you have enabled your browser to save passwords it should allow you to save your credentials on the new page once you've entered them for the first time.

Help! I retrieved my saved username and password, entering them both exactly as stored in my browser. I updated my DAWSON login bookmark, and I still can't log into my DAWSON account! What should I do?

Technical Questions?

For assistance with DAWSON, view the FAQs and other materials here. To contact the Webmaster for technical issues or problems with the website, send an email to No documents can be filed with the Court at this email address.

Other Questions?

For all non-technical questions, contact the Office of the Clerk of the Court at (202) 521-0700.

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