How to Merge Files into One PDF

All of these instructions apply only to Adobe Acrobat. A user utilizing other software to create PDFs must follow the software vendor's instructions for creating a single PDF from multiple PDFs.

These instructions are also available as a PDF.

If You Want To Merge Two or More PDF Documents

Document Merge Image
Document Merge Image

Select each file to be combined by clicking on the file name in the Add Files dialog box. Holding down the Shift or Ctrl key when clicking on a file name permits a user to add more than one file at a time. When finished selecting file names, click Open at the bottom of the dialog box.

Document Merge Image

The selected files now appear in the Combine Files window in Adobe Acrobat Professional. The files may be viewed as thumbnails or in a list (as shown below) by selecting the view type at the top right of the window

To change the order in which the files appear in the merged combined document, highlight the name of the file to appear first then click the up arrow at the bottom left of the window to move that file to the top of the list.

Document Merge Image
Document Merge Image
Document Merge Image

If You Want To Merge Two or More Documents in Multiple Formats

If a user wishes to combine documents that currently exist in various formats into a single PDF, the easiest process is to print out all the documents and scan them into a single document from a scanner that creates PDFs.

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